Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Antique clothing button picturing Verrazzano
Giovanni da Verrazzano (sometimes spelled "Verrazano") (1485–1528) was an Italian explorer of North America, in the service of the French crown. He is renowned as the first European since the Norse expeditions to North America around AD 1000 to explore the Atlantic coast of North America between the Carolinas and Newfoundland, including New York Harbor and Narragansett Bay in 1524. The bridge over the opening of New York harbor and a naval vessel of the Italian navy, a destroyer of the Navigatori class, are among his numerous eponymous honors.

“We brought down our small potatoes this morning.   Then I went up town; was drawn on jury but got home about 11 o’clock and picked up a pit of potatoes before dinner.  After dinner, I took up a load that was on the wagon and picked up 40 bu. and took them in the cellar.  Pleasant day.”

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