Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jim Miller

James Brown Miller (October 25, 1866 - April 19, 1909), also known as "Killin' Jim", "Killer Miller" and "Deacon Jim", was an American outlaw and assassin of the American Old West credited with 12 kills during gunfights - perhaps the most of his era. Miller was referred to by the alias Deacon Jim by some because he regularly attended the Methodist Church and he did not smoke or drink. He was lynched by a mob of angry citizens because of his assassination of a former Deputy U.S. Marshal.
Miller was married to the cousin of another famous old west outlaw, John Wesley Hardin.

“I plowed this forenoon.  Took a grist to mill for feed this afternoon”

“Plowed this forenoon.  Went up town this afternoon and got my feed and some engine coal and some money from the Lathrop Oshignmmust First Dividend”

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