Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cocking Up Hay

A threshing crew with their machinery. In the earlier years of the 1800s, farm neighborhoods would cooperate in large scale tasks such as building and threshing. Later, as power machinery came into use, neighbors would combine to pay the costs of hiring crews and machinery to do the threshing.

Cock up is a verb that means: to raise.  The use of cock up as a verb today is very rare.

“We finished drawing the hay that was fit and cocked up the balance of ours this forenoon.  After dinner, we all went up and cocked up 8 or 10 loads for Will.  Then we drew in five loads of ours.   Pleasant day.”

“Rained this morning so that we did not draw any hay or do anything with it.  After dinner, we finished ours and cocked up the balance of Will’s and cut a road through their wheat with our binder so that they could come out with their hay.  Pleasant and very windy this afternoon.”

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