Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jim Bridger

James Felix "Jim" Bridger (b. March 17, 1804 in Richmond, Virginia – d. July 17, 1881 south side Kansas City, Missouri) was among the foremost mountain men, trappers, scouts and guides who explored and trapped the Western United States during the decades of 1820-1850, as well as mediating between native tribes and encroaching whites. He was of English ancestry, and his family had been in North America since the early colonial period.
Jim Bridger had a strong constitution that allowed him to survive the extreme conditions he encountered walking the Rocky Mountains from what would become southern Colorado to the Canadian border. He had conversational knowledge of French, Spanish and several native languages. He would come to know many of the major figures of the early west, including Brigham Young, Kit Carson, George Armstrong Custer, John Fremont, Joseph Meek, and John Sutter.

I fixed a timer in front of the barn doors this forenoon.  Drew some coal ashes from the salt works this afternoon to fill up in front of the doors.  Very pleasant day.”

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