Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Lyman Stewart and the Frank Buck

The Frank H. Buck

In 1914 Union Iron Works of San Francisco built the Frank H. Buck alongside her sister ship, the Lyman Stewart. Upon completion, these two tankers were purchased by separate oil companies: the Buck was owned by the Associated Oil Company and the Lyman Stewart was operated by Union Oil Company.

On October 7, 1922 the S.S. Stewart collided with a freighter, the S.S. Walter, in thick fog and wrecked at Land’s End in San Francisco Bay.

Two years later on May 3, 1924, the S.S. Frank Buck ran aground at Point Pinos in Monterey Bay. Fortunately the tanker was empty when it grounded and was able to be re-floated on May 17, 1924.
Another 15 years passed with the Buck running for Associated Oil until on March 6, 1937 she collided with the President Coolidge (some accounts say S.S. Hoover), coincidentally next to her sister ship at Land’s End in the San Francisco Bay.


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