Thursday, December 1, 2011

Land Run of 1893

“Picked up some corn from the barn floor and put some straw in the pig yard and banked the cow barn with straw this forenoon.  Took a load of hay to F. T. Wilcox this afternoon 2040 #.  Much colder tonight.  So much snow and so cold I cannot plow.”

Horses rush forward during the 1893 run

The Land Run of 1893, also known as the Cherokee Strip Land Run, marked the opening of the Cherokee Outlet to the public. The run happened on September 16, 1893 at noon with more than 100,000 participants hoping to claim land. The land offices for the run were set up in Perry, Enid, Woodward, and Alva with over 6.5 million acres (26,000 km²) of land. It was the largest land run in United States history.
The counties of Kay, Grant, Woods, Woodward, Garfield, Noble, and Pawnee, were named following the run. Prior to the run, these seven counties had been assigned the letters K-Q, respectively. Upon Oklahoma's statehood in 1907 four additional counties (Alfalfa, Ellis, Harper, Major) were created in the Cherokee Outlet using existing land from Woods, Kay, and Woodward counties.

Settlers await the opening of the Cherokee Outlet

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