Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The last of the Family Budgets in 1884

“Rained during the night and several showers until about eight o’clock this morning.  I went up town this morning.  After dinner, I took out the binder and commenced cutting a piece of barley for Will Holmes but a heavy shower about two o’clock stopped us and it rained nearly two hours.”


Of father $240
Of daughter, aged seventeen $340
Of son, aged fifteen $200

Total $780
CONDITION: Family numbers 5 - parents and three children, two boys, aged fifteen and seven, and a girl, aged seventeen. Live in a 4-room house, and pay $10 per month rent for the same. House is comfortable, but poorly furnished, and is in unhealthy location. Family attends church. Their expenditures exceed their income .

Breakfast—Meat, potatoes, bread, and coffee.
Dinner—Lunches .
Supper—Soup, bread, and meat.

Rent $120
Fuel $15
Meat and groceries $300
Clothing, boots and shoes, dry goods $120
Books, papers, etc. $5
Sickness $40
Sundries $250
Total $850

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