Friday, July 22, 2011

The Family Budget of an Iron and Steel Worker

“We drew wheat all day for Mr. Holmes and cleared the hill lot and nearly all of the south lot.  A shower about half past five hindered us from getting it all cleaned out.  About two loads left in the south lot.”

Of father $1,420
Of son, aged fourteen $300
Total $1,720
CONDITION: Family numbers 6 - parents and four children; two boys and two girls, aged from seven to sixteen years. Three of them attend school, and the other works in the shop with his father. Family occupy their own house, containing 9 well furnished rooms, in a pleasant and healthy locality. They have a good vegetable and flower garden. They live well, but not extravagantly, and are saving about a thousand dollars per year. Father receives an average of $7 per day of twelve hours, for his labor, and works about thirty-four weeks of the year. Belongs to trade union, but carries no life insurance. Had but little sickness during the year.

Breakfast—Bread, butter, meat, eggs, and sometimes oysters.
Dinner—Potatoes, bread, butter, meat, pie, cake, or pudding.
Supper—Bread, butter, meat, rice or sauce, and tea or coffee.

Fuel $55
Meat $100
Groceries $300
Clothing $75
Boots and shoes $50
Dry goods $50
Books, papers, etc. $10
Trade union $6
Sickness $12
Sundries $50

Total $708

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