Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Family Budget of an Irish Coal Mining Family in 1884

Of father $420
Of son, twenty-one years of age $420
Of son, eighteen years of age $420
Of son, sixteen years of age $150
Total $1,410

CONDITION: Family numbers 6 - parents and four children, three boys and one girl. The girl attends school, and the three boys are working in the mine. Father owns a house of six rooms, which is clean and very comfortably furnished. Family temperate, and members of a church, which they attend with regularity. They have an acre of ground, which they work in summer, and raise vegetables for their consumption. They have their house about paid for, payments being made in installments of $240 per year. Father belongs to mutual assessment association and to trade union.

Breakfast—Steak, bread, butter, potatoes, bacon, and coffee.
Dinner—Bread, butter, meat, cheese, pie, and tea.
Supper—Meat, potatoes, bread, butter, puddings, pie, and coffee.

Rent $240
Fuel $10
Meat $200
Groceries $700
Clothing $80
Boots, shoes, and dry goods $70
Books, papers, etc. $15
Life insurance $18
Trade union $3
Sickness $4
Sundries $75
Total $1,415


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