Tuesday, February 1, 2011


“Ad and Julia, Lettie and I drove to Will Wilson’s today for a visit. Snowed and rained a little last night and the sleighing is very good today.  Weather quite moderate.”

Ah! A new person in the mix…Juila…Maybe we will hear more of her in the future.  I wonder what she looks like… perhaps something like this…

Which one do you think looks like our Girl (we still do not know her name.  I wonder if we every will).  Which one looks like Lettie?  Which one looks like Julia?
We are still on Big storm alert here.  The local TV station has done a good job of instilling panic in the local population.  The stores are jammed.  They are calling for a major Ice Storm which may coat the utility wires with up to 1/2 an inch of ice.  This is supposed to be enough to bring them down.  So far so good... nothing has hit us yet.

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