Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011... (let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!)

 I have come to find in my possession 5 diaries starting with the year of 1893 and ending in 1897.  I thought it would be interesting to some to post each day side by side with our own days.  I have not read very far ahead but I can tell you it was written by a woman who most likely was living on her own.  Most all of the pages seem to have been written on…and although not very exciting at times… it is an account of a life that was lived much like our own today and yet vastly different at the same time. 
Together let’s see what her story holds…..
     I love the way this diary closes!

     There are many pages at the beginning which contain interesting information for 1893.  These pages have the calandar for the year as well as astrological information... Very Cool!!!!

     And so the year starts...

                  "Has been a very rainy day.  We went to church however."

This is the first entry... Ok, so we are off to a slow start.  At least she did not spend the day watching football!  Interesting though, it's raining here too!  Last week, we were in the middle of a snowstorm and today it feels like spring... go figure!

I am off to a slow start too, eating, sleeping and watching too much football.  Let's try again tomorrow!!


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