Sunday, January 30, 2011


“I drove to Caledonia today to a set of sleigh shoes.  I found some and I went up town this afternoon to see about getting them fitted.  The sleighing is about all gone on the main road.  But it is colder today.”
Now we have a general location for our girl.  Caledonia New York is a small town located just southwest of Rochester.  That explains the crazy amount snow and extreme temperatures.  
Below, you will find some pictures of antique Sleighs that I have found.  Probably not exactly like the one she was using.  But cool to look at.  Can you imagine riding around in one of these when it is only 8 out?  Not just for fun, but because you needed to.
This is more of a passinger sleigh.  It sounds like her sleigh was more for hauling.

I just thought that this was a cool picture
My guess is that she was never able to haul this much wood at one time

Maybe she used a work sheigh this size?

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