Thursday, December 30, 2010


If you choose to follow along with me on my blog, you will be treated to writings decidedly diversified in content.  Most of my time is spent talking about, looking at, or hunting for antique and vintage buttons, as I am first and foremost a buttonmonger ….however I do have other interests that steal away hours of my time.  Some days I spend my time painting pastels that have nowhere to go and then I wonder… “Why do I feel the need to paint pastels?…and what should I do with the growing pile of them in my basement?” Seriously, art without a home is just sad…so why do I still feel the need to make more?
 I don’t know…I just do.
The next day I find myself wanting to share my glee in finding wayward shopping list that someone has dropped…ice cream, peanut butter, Frosted Flakes, marshmallows, beets…wait….I’m  getting a visual here… who writes this kind of list….a six year old? 
The crazy part…WHAT’S WITH THE BEETS? 
Now I’m just annoyed (although I do like beets).  
I hope that you will feel welcome here, as I share parts of my everyday life, my thoughts, my antique button collecting and all my “new” old finds.